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The Santa Anita Winners’ Circle BBQ Championship is held on the INFIELD of the Santa Anita Park horse race track. As a contestant, you have a unique vantage point as the horses’ race and practice on the surrounding track throughout the day. Needless to say, this creates special challenges, which we wish to spell out as clearly as possible from the onset. As such, we greatly appreciate your understanding of this seemingly complex load in/out structure. The following provides the necessary information for your team to access the infield/contest area. To avoid any confusion, please check the times, both here and in emails, as the event date nears. These load in/out procedures are not negotiable.

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Please read the pertinent section(s) below based on the equipment your team will be bringing to the event. While the information presented below IS subject to change, this has been the standard for all of the past year’s events.  If you have any questions or concerns on this please do not hesitate to contact us, the earlier the better.

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Vehicles Over 11′ Tall

Teams with vehicles >11′ tall will ONLY be allowed to enter the infield on Thursday 3/30/17 at approximately 5:00 pm for load in, and Saturday at approximately 7:00 pm for load out. The “bridge crossing” time is NOT flexible, you MUST be onsite by 4:30 pm Thursday 3/30/17. If for any reason you are not able to make this load in time, you will be directed to park your vehicle in the Colorado lot just outside of the track.

We will do our very best to accommodate any teams in the Colorado lot. You cannot serve food to the public if parked in the Colorado lot. Therefore, if you were entered in the MAK Grills People’s Choice Challenge you are automatically disqualified from this element of the competition (you are still entered in the KCBS State Championship) if you are relocated to the Colorado lot. No refunds will be given, and we are not responsible for any losses or damages stemming from vehicles missing the very specific time for the bridge crossing.

All of the above does NOT apply to you if you have selected the “Outside Parking Lot” option.

Vehicles up to 11′ Tall

Teams with vehicles under 11′ tall will be able to enter the infield at approximately 10:30 am Friday 3/31/17. Teams with vehicles <11’ that want to load in on Thursday (3/30/17) may do so from 6-9 pm. Entry to the infield for these vehicles is through a (dirt surface) tunnel, and all vehicles/teams using this tunnel must be escorted by an OFFICIAL Santa Anita Park staff.

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Vehicles up to 7.5′ tall

7_5 Height pass 3

Normal sized vehicles (<7.5’) will have nearly 24 hour facility/infield access, outside with exception to 7 am – 7 pm on turn in day 4/1/17. Teams will be allowed to park normal sized vehicles (<7.5’) vehicles in the infield, at their camps, overnight (Thursday and/or Friday night) but will need to move them to a designated parking area by 8am on turn in day Saturday 4/1/17. Exception: If your vehicle fits in your designated area and does not block the public view of your site (parked on side or in the back) then it may remain. However, this is subject to review and approval by SAWC staff. All vehicles parked in/on the infield, must display an approved access pass at all times.

If you wish to keep an (additional) over sized vehicle nearby (~500’ from the nearest edge of the infield), we can accommodate that as well, please notify us.

We will do our best to accommodate team space requests (i.e. I’d like to be near ABC team).

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