Los Angeles County Environmental Health Department (EHD)

Regulations, Rules, and Requirements Summarized:

The following is for MAK Grills People’s Choice Challenge –

  1. Serving and preparation area must be fully enclosed with 4 walls and a roof; we will place you on concrete or provide wood flooring.
  2. Serving and preparation area must have pass through windows for customer service (no bigger than 216 square inches, each).
  3. Barbecues must be located next to the booth and safely away from the public.
  4. Serving and preparation area must have a hand washing facility with water at least 110°F, a catch bucket, a single service soap dispenser, paper towels, and a trash container.
  5. Serving and preparation area must have a three-compartment ware washing sink with hot (120°F) and cold water. Up to 4 booths may “share” a ware washing sink.

EHD Forms will be sent to teams by email as they sign up.

All PC Teams must have entered the contest and returned completed EHD form to us by 2/20/17, failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification from this portion of the event.

LA County EHD is now waiving all fees for Temporary Food Facility permits for United States Military Veterans. Yes, you read that right, if there is a vet on your team, your PC is EHD fee free!

The Veteran must: List his/her name as the “owner” on the EHD permit, Include a copy of his/her DD-214 federal form with submission of the EHD permit (electronic/scanned submission is acceptable), by 2/20/17 and lastly be present (with valid ID) on the day of the event.

Teams with Veteran exemptions will still need to complete the EHD form, and comply with the EHD rules.

EHD Rules in regards to RV’S & Trailers

It is acceptable to use an RV or trailer with a “kitchen” sink setup, in accordance with EHD requirements, as long as your “work” space is enclosed. This means if you have an open door (i.e. open rear of a trailer or toy hauler) you will need to have screens in place to “seal” that area off. Keep in mind the inspector will need to enter your “vehicle” to do their inspection. Teams that go this route will still need to serve out of an enclosed tent with at least a front screen with 2 openings as specified above. This tent MUST contain a basic hand wash station (see above). Cooked product can be transported if COVERED from your prep area to your serving tent.

Teams, we cannot stress enough the importance of reading and understanding the section on vehicle concerns, as we cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages stemming from vehicles which require and then subsequently miss the very specific bridge crossing opportunity and are relocated to the Colorado Lot, where they will be unable to serve the public.

BBQ Food items being served to the public via MAK Grills People’s Choice Challenge or Rib Row do NOT have to be cooked under KCBS standards, therefore the use of propane is acceptable.

A completed W-9 form is required for us to issue ANY payments. We will also have them on site so as not to delay any payments.